Casio’s G-Shock “Shock The World Tour” Kuala Lumpur @ Zouk KL

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The Casio G-Shock’s “Shock The World Tour” 2010 took Kuala Lumpur by storm when the likes of local celebrities, Casio & Marco staff, Casio dealers, and G-Shock fans came together on the evening of 23rd July in Zouk KL. The merge of extreme sports, street culture, fashion, music and art shapes this promotional tour which pays tribute to the legendary G-Shock timepiece.

This globetrotting project has visited 19 cities in 12 countries including Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Mexico City, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok and Tokyo; since 11 June 2009 in London. In each city, tour events feature highlights such as the showcase of the latest timepieces and exciting live performances by popular musicians and DJs who are also supporters of the dynamic brand.

The “Shock The World Tour” Kuala Lumpur kick-started with a press conference hosted by the vivacious Ean of before a warm welcome speech by Mr. Siau; Executive Director of Marco Corporation Malaysia, the sole authorized distributor of Casio G-Shock in Malaysia. “Father of G-Shock” Mr. Kikuo Ibe’s presentation highlights the press conference as he graces it with a speech in Malay as well as an animation presentation, a story telling us how the damage of the most cherished watch given by his father inspired him towards the creation of the highly durable G-Shock timepiece. Mr. Sezai Hiroyuki, Senior Marketing Manager/Timepiece of Casio Singapore Pte Ltd then laid out the progress and developments of G-Shock throughout the years.

The latest models of G-Shock and Baby-G were showcased together with the super-cool limited edition collaborative pieces; specially designed by renowned graphic designer, Stephen Lau and South East Asia’s urban culture webzine, Based on their individual brand identities, these artists have each created one-off designs in limited pieces which will be available for sale locally (yes!). Stephen Lau had slip in a little attitude of his favourite superhero “The Phantom” while Streething celebrates their 5th anniversary in style adding on Roman numeral ‘V’ on the strap, which also forms an arrow that points at their new logo.

After the press conference, it’s time to do some booty shaking and real celebration for the “Shock The World Tour Kuala Lumpur” at the fabulous party filled with some of Malaysia’s hottest celebrities and G-Shock maniacs such as Henry Golding, Serena C, Azura Zainal, Adam C, Azwin Andy, Altimet, and DJ Goldfish to name a few. The main room of Zouk KL was rocked by street dancers, Famous Crew and by electro pop and hip hop artist, Arabyrd. Our own Malaysian’s international hip hop ambassador, Joe Flizzow hosts the night to an estimated turnout of 800 G-Shock fans and some lucky peeps had the opportunity to meet Father of G-Shock, Mr. Kikuo Ibe. Rocking!

The G-Shock “Shock The World Tour 2010” press conference and after party happened on 23 July 2010 at the Main Room, Zouk KL. For more G-Shocking info, visit or See more pictures here.

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