Casiokids: Topp Stemning PÃ¥ Lokal Bar (Polyvinyl)

Debuting with F*ck MIDI in 2006, Casiokids continue to charge for Norwegian electronic music. From playing kindergartens to sellout festivals, this 6-piece keyboard-collecting band puts lively rhythms and hooks into 80s new wave. Their latest album has only 8 tracks but they’re all worth it (with the exception of the cheesy house intro on ‘Fot I Hose’), plus it comes with a bonus remix CD. Although the keyboards and synths carry most of the quirky melodies, rock kakis can get into this as well due to the appropriate dose of snappy guitars, conga playing and genre bending.

Although they sing in their native tongue (sounding like Sigur Rós stuck in a disco), their “Myspace stats reveal that the typical Casiokids fan is an 18-24 year old girl/woman from Los Angeles”. So based on that bizarre stat, go ahead and name them the new Roxanne for as far as Scandinavian synth pop goes Casiokids are the bleep!

LISTEN TO: ‘Grønt Lys I Alle Ledd’
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