Carrying On After An Accident, This OKU Uncle Sells Delicious Cookies & Bread To Support Himself

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(Source: Foodie KL)

If there’s one thing we could do to lend a hand to vulnerable communities during these hard times, it’s to promote and support their small businesses like this OKU uncle who sells cookies outside Hong Leong Bank, Puchong.

According to Foodie KL, the uncle bears a really sad backstory on how he ended up selling cookies. Apparently, he was a salesperson in a well-known company in Kuala Lumpur but in 2015, everything started going downhill when he met with a mishap that led to a physical injury. He also had lost his job.

(Source: Foodie KL)

However, to not dwell over tragedies, the uncle forged on and learned simple baking skills. Not long after that, he was back on his feet again selling bread and cookies outside the bank.

Offering various cookie flavour options such as almond, chocolate chip, coffee, and mocha, he sells them for RM16 per container or RM6 per box, and also sells freshly baked butter buns and customised pastries for those looking to try something new.

(Source: Foodie KL)

So if you’re in the area and you came across this uncle, remember to support his growing business and maybe have a little chat with him too.

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