Carrera The New Maverick Campaign Feat. Jared Leto

Jared Leto 2

Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto, lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars (you forgot about that, didn’t you?) and Scott Disick lookalike, is the star of long-standing eyewear company Carrera’s latest Maverick campaign. Leto has been chosen by the brand as he is the embodiment of the characteristics that make one a true maverick – an independent mind and a bold personality. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Leto has the perfect bottomless, steely blue eyes to model eyewear, yes? The campaign is shot by famed British fashion photographer Alasdair McLellan around LA. Leto sports the Carrera Impel sunglasses – a matte finish pilot frame made of laser cut, feather-light stainless steel, and the Beam for the optical option.

More from the Maverick collection below:

Jared Leto 1

The collection is available at Eye Trend Fahrenheit 88 KL, prices ranger from RM540 — RM700. More information on the Maverick collection here.