Carlsberg presents The Top 10 Beer Drinking Songs

Nah… you don’t have to be a member of a fire-breathing German industrial metal band to sing-a-long to Oktoberfest choons! Checkout Carlsberg’s recommended liquid melodies below to get into the mood of Oktoberfest!

1.    ‘Ein Prosit’ (A Toast) – Artist unknown

A festival favourite, ‘Ein Prosit’ is the shortest German drinking song and the one you’ll hear most often at Oktoberfest.

2.    ‘The Hofbräuhaus-Lied’ (Hofbräuhaus Song) – Wilhelm “Wiga” Gabriel

A classic of the German oom-pah form and a principal ode to Munich’s famed beer hall. We dare you to sing along.

3.    ‘Bayern, des samma mir ‘ (Bavaria, that’s what we are) – Haindling

An ode to Bavaria and its beer. The song became a YouTube hit when a clip of Berlin death-metal rockers Rammstein was overlaid with the music to Bayern. Rammstein liked it so much they now play their own version of the song at some of their concerts.

4.    ‘I Will Survive’ – Gloria Gaynor

Not all drinking songs at Oktoberfest are German songs. This one’s apparently a crowd favourite. Strange… but quite apt.

5.    ‘YMCA’ – Village People

Evidence. Nuff’ said.

6.    ‘Country Road’ – John Denver

Probably the most popular “adopted” Oktoberfest song. You’d never think an American country song would be such a hit in Germany but hear you go. Line dancing, optional.

7.    ‘New York, New York’ – Frank Sinatra

One big city pays homage to another. Most of you would already know this legendary song, so get ready to warble along to this karaoke version.

8.    ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’  (Original song 1967) – Frankie Valli

Used in Carlsberg’s most infamous television commercial. Catchy and fun. It became a sort of theme song for the brand.

9.    ‘Carlsberg Theme Song’

The latest theme song from Carlsberg had Managing Director Soren Ravn singing with rapper Caprice at 2011’s Where’s The Party.

10.    ‘Blame It’ – Jamie Foxx Ft. T-Pain

Ok. So it’s probably not a drinking song. But we’re sure it’s the soundtrack of A LOT of drunken nights. But saying that, you really shouldn’t blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. Drink responsibly, people!