Carl Cox Upcoming Album Release On USB Stick

Carl Cox has confirmed his upcoming artist album entitled All Roads Lead to the Dancefloor which will be available starting August this year. This will be his first studio album in over 6 years and it will feature 20 brand new tracks. For the first time, the album will be released on USB stick over 3 phases, and he will offer more than a conventional album ever has!

Cox’s upcoming album was recorded over the last year in his studio in Melbourne which he will showcase a wide range of music style with the likes of vocal house, dubstep, dnb, Latin and his signature sound, techno.

The update-able USB album will be available starting 1 August (the first phase) after the release of his first single ‘Family Guy’, which is downloadable from 4 July, and it comes with the remixes from Layo & Bushwacka! and Jon Rundell along with 12 tracks, B-sides and other exclusives.

Followed by the second phase, owners of the USB will receive the second single, a vocal dub step mix of ‘Nexus’ on 26 September with remixes and video, followed by the final and complete album on 17 October. But the third single ‘Chemistry’, with remixes and video, will be available on 31 October.

In the final phase, the USB will be updated throughout the end of the year with ongoing live footage of Cox and his band touring. Owners will be able to follow Cox at rehearsals, on the road and on stage as he will be performing live for the first time (Carl Cox tour) in front of thousands across 5 major cities in Australia.

Pre-orders of Carl Cox’s All Roads Lead to the Dancefloor updatable USB stick will be available soon via online at With only 20 pounds (roughly around RM100), you will receive the studio album, remixes, videos, live recordings and all the extras. Take it from a true dance fan, you won’t feel disappointed!

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