Cardboard Box Duvet Cover

Don’t call this homeless chic. A high quality duvet cover, it features a photographic print of a cardboard box so realistic we can almost feel the chill of the streets. Conversely buying one  will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over, and not just cause it’s lovely and toasty. Your purchase will help the homeless.

30% of the gross profits from sales of this duvet cover will go to Centrepoint, the UK charity for homeless young people aged 16-25. Over 800 vulnerable homeless young people are provided support and housing every night from Centrepoint. Bless them.

The hyper-real look is the result of ink printed directly in the cotton to create that high quality and crisp image even after washing. It has a 144 thread count for softness. You do have to order the pillow cases separately though. Sleep in style and with a clean consciounce. Get yours now here.

Source Dutch By Design