Capturing Fad Manaf

If you’re in the mad local indie rock scene, you’d probably recognise the 26-year-old Fad Manaf, although he’s more known on the street as Fad Photoplay. What started off as a hobby for this former IT student turned to a serious career in photography 3 years later. Fad now runs one of the leading photography companies in KL, Stillimages. He’s even appeared as lead, together with JUICE Coollister Nas-T from last year, in the movie My Indie Rock Darling. Rockstar!

Fad’s style is gritty and ‘real,’ which is why JUICE loves his captures. The self-taught photographer loves capturing portraits of people, as well as other inexplicably complicated yet priceless moments in life. The tool of his trade? A Nikon D70 and D50k, bought from his girlfriend is secondhand.

Fad cites Anton Corbijn, Angela Boatwright, Karen McBright and homegrown talent Taufiqshariff as some of his favourite photographers. His talent has seen him or his work featured in countless magazines, newspapers, websites and album covers. Last year, Fad went on tour with Hujan when they toured the UK, calling it the best event he got to be a part of. He got on with the band so well he even contributed to Hujan’s 2nd EP cover.

The photog may be expressive with his work, but he’s reserved when interviewed. JUICE knows he likes nasi lemak at Mali’s Corner at Wangsa Maju, but when asked about his work, he says shyly, “My portfolio is just a representation of my photographic life.” Okay. It’s imperfections that are made perfect when captured by skilled hands and eyes. And Fad does it oh, so well.

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