Caprice Returns

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Fine. This video may have been released a month ago, but we haven’t really introduced you to Caprice. The boyish rapper (no surprise, the dawg’s only 21!) has had regular airplay over and, and of course, also that (*NSFW!) special shout out in the sexed-up Sofia Legend’s website. Caprice has released 3 videos on YouTube and there are so many things said about him – from the good to downright shameless bashing. Still, he perseveres and continues to give us something to talk about. And you know we like to talk!

In the meantime, check out this more mellow single being shot in home video style, which JUICE finds rather cleverly made. It’s a music video and podcast put together. Enjoy Caprice’s ‘Teman’ featuring Hayad.


The single reminds us of Altimet‘s ‘Chantek’ single. Whatever it is, it’s still local music. Represent!

*NSFW- Not Suitable For Work

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