Coffee, Conversations & Chapters: Kendrick Gan Tells Us About His Cafe Launch And How He Got Here

Have you ever worked part-time in a cafe and completely fell in love with the art of making coffee, so much so that it became more than just a job for extra cash or a hobby? Kendrick Gan, local cafe owner and ex-law student tells JUICE about his journey.

Starting out at the fresh age of 20 at a cafe called Posh, he then moved on to One Half where he stayed on for the next 4 years of his life as a barista, all while studying law.

“…but the opportunity to start up my own space with The Oven Cuttery came up last December and I decided to just drop out of law school and to just go all in.”


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And thus, Ellipsis was created – but we’ll get into the name in a bit.

To Kendrick coffee meant more than just a quick pick-me-up or a brainless ritual many baristas tangle themselves up in.

“It’s been the bridge that connected me to so many incredible people here in KL that I get to call friends today, and that’s the kind of experience I want to recreate for another person, be it staff or customers.”


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If you look up the definition of the word ‘ellipsis’, you’ll get a string of long and complicated words that basically sum up the three dots we use in every texts and social media posts, ‘…’.

“The idea behind the name ‘ellipsis’ is that all our stories are still in the process of being written.”

“I believe everyone one of us has a story worth telling and it’s constantly being written everyday, and it doesn’t finish ‘til the day we go to our graves.”

“I want this space to reflect that for you, that you still have many more chapters to come, many more people to meet, and many more things to achieve.”

But enough about the emotional parts, we want coffee and we want it now!


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Sound like something you’d wanna check out? Looking for your next go-to cafe spot in PJ? Well, you’re in luck – Ellipsis is officially launching this Sunday (27 March), and it’s not just your regular caffeine-infused event.

You’ll also be served delectable pizzas from @stretch___eatery, reggae music to set the atmosphere provided by @typo.d.sound, and booze. What more could you ask for?


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Hell, throw in a fresh haircut from @theovencuttery and some spontaneous tattoos! There’s something for everyone.

@kev_tattooing and @luminousbanana_ will be doing tattoos all day long with flashes they’ve never posted before. Check them out on Instagram for your next ink.


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At this point you might be thinking, “Why open up a cafe in a barbershop?”

From a brief friendship that formed 7 years ago at an inter school event, holding the pure basis of free haircuts and casual conversation – Kendrick met Kevin Tan, who is now the owner of The Oven Cuttery.

“…and that’s when Kevin went from ‘this dude I knew’ to an actual friend.”

Over several meetings that came years later, Kevin was looking for someone to run the cafe space in his barbershop, and Kendrick happily obliged.

“Shoutout to all my ex-bosses, Amin, Keith & Jia Le for teaching me everything I know today. To Kevin, Cheryl & Bryan, trusting and offering me this space to run the cafe and being so supportive from the very start.

“To the friends at One Half who always made me feel like family and just being the best colleagues. And a huge thanks to Yim for reconnecting Kevin and I.”


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Throughout the mundane routines of being a cafe owner, Kendrick mentioned that his favourite part of the job was hearing people’s stories, and the fact that he gets to do this on a daily basis.

“I honestly feel like a small fish in a big pond, with the coffee industry growing rapidly over the past few months.”

“But I’ve also got the most amazing friends who are in this industry as well that play such an important role for my mental health and keeping me in check to stay in my lane and give my best to whatever comes.”

“We don’t have any extravagant future plans at the moment, I guess I’m just focused on living in the now and making the best of what we have in this space.”

Come on down to Ellipsis and meet Kendrick yourself! If this article doesn’t convince you, I personally vouch for this his wonderful company and dedication to the grind.

Check out more details here and see you there this weekend!