Busta Rhymes: Back On My BS (Universal Motown)

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This album is a hot steamin pile of BS. We thought that Busta Rhymes would be back as he puts it. Wrong! Known for his bold personality and unique rap style and beloved for early hits like ‘Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check’ and ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,’ Busta has struggled in recent years to restore a lost sense of relevance. This 8th album is filled with uninspired and unneeded material. ‘The World Round’ featuring Estelle is just laughable; a full blown dance record sampling Eurythmic’s ‘Sweet Dreams.’ WTF Busta? Terrible. Yet those expecting something new, exciting, or even dangerous will be disappointed with BS, a fat collection of meandering experimentation and revolving-door guest spots. With so many random ideas and faces coming along for the journey, BS sounds less like one artist’s voice and more like an overcrowded carnival ride. More often than not, Busta is content to recycle well-worn material, hoping that enough polish and guest-star participation will wick away the album’s dusty content. They don’t, leaving BS as nothing more than filler. We still love you Busta, but you just don’t have it anymore.

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