Bury Me In Hawaii

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On the last day of Christmas, as carol singers sing Noel Noel outside in the snow, having smoked his last three Superking cigarettes a man decides to hang himself, asking that he be buried in Hawaii. No this isn’t a tragic tale of a man who got fed up of a white Christmas and takes his own life; it’s a Hawaiian Death Carol by The Brute Chorus which lyrics blend together Christmas Carols and Hawaiian imagery.

Expect Hawaiian drums, surf guitar and plaintive melodica together with a double bass, ukelele and of course our cliché sleigh bells at the end. It’s not a Christmas song if you don’t have the sleigh bells.

Titled Bury Me In Hawaii, this is The Brute Chorus’s first Christmas single set to be released on Christmas Eve. The song is a departure from the rammalamma sound of their live debut album, recorded mainly on acoustic instruments and the un-Christmas nature of the lyrics. The song was recorded at The Strong Room close to the Brute’s East London home two days after returning from their album tour.

So if you get fed up with all the Christmas songs drowned with snow and want your own Christmas Hawaii song, here’s a sneak peek.

I’ll be thinking of the girls of Waikiki
As my stockings kick at the air
Noel, noel, you can sing me to hell
It’s Hallelujah, Aloha for me

More about The Brute Chorus at www.myspace.com/thebrutechorus.

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