Burn Studios Next Producer Star Winner

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Remember the 14 lucky guys that were handpicked by Sasha himself to be the next star producer? After a weeklong productive boot camp, Arnos Dambrauskas from Lithuania was chosen by fans as the winner for his awesome remix.

The boot camp was held in a villa fully equipped by Avid in the beating heart of the electronic dance music scene, Ibiza. Dance music legends such as Sasha, Richie Hawtin and Phillipe Zdar hosted workshops and master classes. Finalists were schooled on production, sound, and promotion to the more practical elements of the music business (which could be how to sign on the dotted line with your own blood without smearing the contract). During the evenings, the finalists visited many of the island’s legendary clubs as well.

After receiving the highest votes for the remix of Sasha’s 2011 International Music Summit anthem ‘Cut Me Down’, the 21 year old will be flown to Sasha’s studio in New York to collaborate on a release for Sasha’s new label, Last Night on Earth. Plus, as part of Burn Studios’ commitment to support the careers of the talented producers, all participant’s remixes will also be released on Sasha’s label in association with Beatport.

Watch the video below where they announced Arnos D as the winner.


Here is an except of Richie Hawtin giving his master class.


For more videos, head to Burn Studios YouTube page. Check out their webpage as well.

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