Bunkface Rockin Down Under

Things seem to be looking good for local rockers Bunkface. After winning 8TV’s Shout Award, the pop punk band has been selected by the TV station to perform at One Movement for Music Perth 2009 (OMFM), a 2-day multistage outdoor music showcase festival featuring 80 emerging and export-ready bands from around the world. Bunkface will rock the centrestage on 16 and 18 of October 2009 with their hits such as ‘Revolusi’, ‘Prom Queen’, ‘Bunk Anthem’ and ‘Silly Lily’. OMFM organisers recently extended an invitation to 8TV to feature the award’s winner at the music festival.

Make us proud, boys!

More of Bunkface at www.myspace.com/bunkface

Image elyanniz.com