Bukan Pesta Seks Bebas


As if it wasn’t bad enough that we have had to deal with tear gas earlier this year in search for fair and clean elections, we are now being told that it’s not okay to talk about sex. The only people that it’s not okay to discuss sex with are pedophiles! We didn’t realize that a sexuality rights festival to educate the public were something of a nasty pickle to the tastes of Malaysians. It has been a red hot topic between various parties, whichever shape you may identify with. JUICE picked up on the publications that have spent many words kicking sexuality in the arse (clearly no pun intended). As we are compiling our Best of 2011 list, as a flashback to our readers, in 2009, Seksualiti Merdeka was selected as Most Thought Provoking Event.

Most Thought Provoking Event Seksualiti Merdeka @ Annexe
A 3-day series of forums, workshops, storytelling .sessions and film screenings devoted to the theme of sexuality rights in Malaysia. Because freedom should be about so many things…

1Malaysia represents all colours of the rainbow, for unity and diversity. This sandbox doesn’t have room for bigotry, ‘nuff said.