‘Bukan Biashe-Biashe’, The Love Song For Najib Razak That No One Asked For

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(screenshot from the ‘BBB’ MV teaser)

Pekan MP a.k.a our infamous ex-Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak recently teased social media with a 45-second clip of a new rap music video ‘Bukan Biashe-Biashe (BBB)’. In the teaser, Najib was seen inside a white Toyota Vellfire, escorted by police outriders. Many netizens were keen to see if our ex-PM could spit some bars, but alas, he refrained and only gave a thumbs up.

Unfortunately, netizens were disappointed that Jibby didn’t even appear in the official music video that was premiered yesterday.

According to The Star, the song is produced by businessman Ron Kamisan – the rempit-looking dude with the ponytail who’s always in Najib’s presence of lately. ‘Bukan Biashe-Biashe’ which translates to ‘Extraordinary’, is a collaboration between little-known rapper ADK and underground hip-hop star, RASH the Warchild from Lawalah Familia.

While the extent of Najib’s involvement is unknown, we could see that he definitely had a say because on 14 May, Ron posted a video showing the two rappers performing the opening verse of the song to Najib himself, who could be seen recording the performance on his mobile phone.

The video was giving off a “counting your maths time table in front of your parents” kind of vibe.


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That particular video got some backlash as it was deemed cringy, glorifying rempit culture, and one netizen went to the extent of calling the two rappers, sellouts. Now that the music video is out, people are just left confused.

The main lyrics, which are in Malay, translate to: “Let’s move forward / This is not the end / With this, I present / A prayer for success”.

The lyrics are then followed by the infamous catchphrase “Malu apa bossku”, which loosely translates to “What’s the shame, my boss”.

The “bossku” phenomenon is something we should probably be worried about, mainly because the catchphrase implies that the former PM, who has been charged with graft, has no reason to be ashamed of anything. With this music video and other social media postings, Najib is seen regaining his ground in the perception game on social media.

(source: Malaysian Insight)

He’s trying hard to relate to the “lower-class” knowing damn well that he was born with a silver spoon, inherited the title ‘orang kaya’ and was educated overseas. Kononnya, a leader who represents the cause of the poor and downtrodden despite being hit with 42 charges of corruption and money laundering.

The 1MDB case has seen Najib facing a slew of criminal breach of trust, abuse of power and money laundering charges. Unfortunately, netizens are seen going soft on Najib as he slowly reinvents himself as a folk hero for the imagined marginalised Malays and Muslims.

Whatever it is, in spite Bossku’s popularity amongst the naive, Najib will continue to get a fair and full trial. And with all that’s being said, do you think he would succeed in tricking netizens into giving him a “get-out-of-jail-free” card in time for the next general election, which is due in four years? We hope not.

Check out the BBB music video, down below:

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