Bud Culture pres. Mind Your Step @ Palate Palette

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This weekend saw Mind Your Step, presented by Bud Culture. The event was much anticipated by dub heads everywhere, and it showed when it came to the night itself. The crowd seemed to have doubled compared to their 1st Anniversary gig, and the upstairs room of Palate Palette was packed; smoky and sweaty but all for the greater cause of spreading dubstep, however it ended abruptly with a little interference from ol’ DBKL.

Kicking off the grime was Skware-1, part of Rogue Squadron in KL. He got the crowd going, in fact there were random belly dancers present. Hmm. Belly dancers and dubstep? A bit tripped out, but we liked the entertainment anyhow. Following him was H3, and he murdered it. Dropping bass heavy beats, he was a crowd favorite and remained thus until the end of the night. Our only wish was that he would’ve played out Skrillex’s song for longer, but apart from that H3 really represented Mutant Mayhem, and owned the dancefloor. H3 himself was a pleasure to see spin, he gets really into the vibe and the crowd appreciated that.

Sanjion from Jakarta, his head wrapped in a headdress, then commanded the decks. Unfortunately, we reckon he would’ve been better placed 2nd in line, as opposed to after H3’s heavy, heavy set. He kicked off with some ambient sounding, more chilled dubstep beats, slowly building up to a faster paced flow but lost the crowd a little in that period. When MH came on, he was well received and started playing a few new tracks, but alas he only made it to 4 tracks – DBKL had come in to shut the place down! Complaining that it was too noisy, the po’ po’ decided to abruptly and unnecessarily end the night’s filthy festivities around 2.15am. Boo! The night in general was a blast though, hosted and MC’d by Reza from Bud Culture, he worked the crowd into a frenzy – we’re hoping that these guys will continue to persevere and give KL the dubstep scene that it needs!

Mind Your Step took place on the 12th of November, 2010 at Palate Palette. To find out more about Bud Culture, and to check out videos from the night, head to www.budculturemsia.wordpress.com.

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