Bud Culture 1st Anniversary @ Palate Palette

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The dubstep collective Bud Culture, consisting of MH, Reza and Tubby represented at Palate Palette last Friday night. The night was as grimy as an overused engine, and was filthy as a sweat soaked sock. As it was a 1st anniversary celebration, the dubstep loyals came out in full force to support the night. MH started off the night on the decks with some soothing ambient dub tunes, and the excited audience was really feeling what he was bringing to the decks.

Reza then took over, and he took it upon himself to bring the beats all the way up to roof, and literally brought down the house that is Palate Palette. Playing dubstep anthems such as ‘Ginger Pubes’ and ‘When I Look At You’, the flat cap ‘rudeboy’ DJ got the crowd hyped with the heavy bass tunes. It sounds so good.

Following Reza, Tubby rustled up some sweet vinyl records to engineer his set. Playing a mixture of dub, heavier dubstep tunes and some ambient tracks, Tubby showcased his technical skills whilst mastering the vinyl mixing which quite an experimental set but still enjoyable. It was a really refreshing night at Bud Culture’s first anniversary to dance and break your neck/back to some heavy dubstep tunes once again. Bud Culture remain the forefront of the dubstep scene and they want you to join the bassline revolution.

Bud Culture 1st Anniversary took place on Friday, 24 September 2010 at Palate Palette. For pics from the night, click here.

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