LISTEN: The Haunting Sound of Brodie Trent’s ‘Phoenix James’

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Multi-instrumentalist Brodie McKay spent a solid year tucked in his private studio behind Adelaide’s iconic Thebarton Theatre to create debut single ‘Phoenix James’ – and it is without a doubt, a unique adventure filled with vibrancy from the start. Somewhat cinematic (due to Mckay’s filmmaker background), the song sounds like it’s part of a movie soundtrack – not surprising since most of the music McKay created was initially meant for a musical feature film.

Under the music project Brodie Trent, McKay’s vocals soar higher in the intro, transitioning into a fast-paced, almost ’80s tinged beat. His film influence is clear, as the song progresses into an avant-garde soundscape, taking listeners to banging electronic drums, then to a dialogue between a woman and a child.

There is, of course, a story behind every artwork. McKay shared his journey on Facebook, engaging with friends and listeners who’ve been there every step of the way:

After touring Japan last year, McKay made the decision to pursue music wholeheartedly by putting a stop to his building company. Today, he’s collaborating with Grammy winner Francois Tetaz (who has worked on Gotye’s ‘Making Mirrors’) to make fresher content for 2018, where we can expect to hear a grand collection of sounds from Brodie Trent in the form of an EP or LP.

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