VIDEO: BROCKHAMPTON is Breaking Necks with Their Fire Single ‘BOOGIE’ and Short Film Billy Star

Did the holidays come early or what? Our favourite American boy band BROCKHAMPTON just released a fire single called ‘BOOGIE’ off their anticipated album Saturation III.

Oh, and “one more thing.”

A gorgeous, short film revolving around the story of Helmet Boy (yes, he’s back!) and Summer Labeouf was also released out of the blue causing fans to lose their minds. According to Kevin Abstract (Ian Simpson), an extended version of the film will be available in the future.

Honestly, they all deserve a Grammy already.

If you aren’t familiar with who BROCKHAMPTON are, they’re an LA-based hip hop boy band and creative collective who started off in San Marcos, Texas. The boys met on the internet forum KanyeToThe. They’ve released two albums in the past year, Saturation I and Saturation II, both of which charted incredibly well.

‘BOOGIE’ is an anthem to the rise of BROCKHAMPTON. They’re embracing their well-deserved success, raising a big middle finger to the haters and those who doubted they’d become anything.

Ameer Vann: “BROCKHAMPTON, call your momma.”
Kevin Abstract: “Best boy band since One Direction.”

A still from the music video for ‘BOOGIE’.

The music video is directed by Abstract and was filmed in a minimart, a bathroom, and other locations in LA. Like most of their music videos, it shows the raging, the crazy, and the wild & weird nature of the bunch.

We’ve got Joba chilling (literally) inside a freezer full of ice bags, Merlyn devouring Slurpee straight out of the machine, and Roberto boogieing in the shower while wearing a full suit.

If you’re wondering what Roberto’s saying in Spanish: “My name is Roberto and I am going to be your narrator for one hour. Enjoy the spectacular. In some place in Van Nuys, it was the last time they saw each other. An American tragedy. Helmet Boy and Summer.”

Just when we got excited over ‘BOOGIE’, BROCKHAMPTON are breaking our necks with what seems like an impulsive release of their short film Billy Star up on YouTube. It features some tracks that are on Saturation III, which will be released tomorrow, 15 December.

Billy Star is like the extended version of Abstract’s music video for ‘Empty’. We get to have more insight behind the relationship of Helmet Boy and Summer. As it’s a short film, we get to see more acting and so, a more detailed story development.

Kevin Abstract as Helmet Boy. (source: REHAB Online Magazine)

In an interview with Hunger TV, Abstract said that Helmet Boy wears a helmet because it represents shelter and being afraid of the real world, especially after high school is finished and you’re trying to figure your life out, which was what he went through himself.

If you’re familiar with Abstract’s content, he raps a lot about issues that he went through growing up. He covers things such as what being a gay black man is like, the struggle of coming out, and having an unstable home. The rest of the gang adds on as well addressing rape culture and drug addiction in ‘JUNKY’.

BROCKHAMPTON on stage. (source: Hip Jamz)

The conversation they bring around sensitive topics has brought a light that’s been long-needed for a lot of people left unheard. The representation of diversity by these young men reimagines a lot of the stereotypes we have in the media today like with the term ‘boy bands’. You can rap, but also sing ballads, be gay, and still be called a boy band – screw the big dance numbers and matching outfits.

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