Brit Monday Live @ Coco Banana

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Text Ili Farhana
Image fotoworX

Trust Lee Cooper to come up with the best British-themed party so far this year. After all Lee Cooper is proudly British. This bash was held in conjunction with their 100th year in the business and hey, it sure makes an impact on our shores.

Outside Coco Banana, Sunway Pyramid, beautifully decorated Mini Coopers were lined up and brand spanking new Lee Cooper shades were put on display. All that’s missing were Union Jacks pasted everywhere and ‘God Save the Queen’.

Instead the crowed rocked inside the club to the hottest Brit Rock sounds in town. The two biggest local Brit- influenced bands, Bittersweet and The Times performed their latest and most popular tunes. Alongside them were prog-rock band Meet Uncle Hussein and experimental act They Will Kill Us All. DJ Bunga of Twilight Action Girl provided the interim music for the crowd.

Upfront kids were happily dancing like it’s their normal weekend gigs. Clearly having a show on Monday didn’t stop them from having fun. Lucky draw prizes kept them entertained between bands while the fashion show parading the latest jeans, shoes, and tops from Lee Cooper provided eye candy, especially for the boys. MC of the night, Raz’s banter was fun and sure made the show felt shorter than it was.

We hope we don’t have to wait for another 100 years for another banging party from Lee Cooper. Psst, may we suggest year end?

Brit Monday Live rocked Coco Banana, Sunway on 18 August with Bittersweet, The Times, Meet Uncle Hussein, They Will Kill Us All, and DJ Bunga. Happy 100th Birthday, Lee Cooper!