Bridging the GAP


GAP’s fall campaign this year turns the spotlight onto their very own. This time we meet the team that slaves away behind the closed doors arguing about the fit, the tapering, the wash of the denim so that a girl in Kuala Lumpur can zip up that fly in the changing room and look in the mirror and smile.

Headquarters of the GAP 1969’s team is located in the middle of Los Angeles garment district. A place one would think that the glitz and glam, almost jaded world of Hollywood would extend to, but no, it still remains subtle and almost non-descript. It is here at this former cigar factory that we are introduced to the masterminds like their fearless leader Rosella Giuliani and women’s design director Nicole King-Burroughs.

Piles and piles of denim are stacked up over one another; sketches back and front of their latest denim epiphany; candid discussions about cuffing, all for that one cause: to create premium denim at affordable costs.

This time GAP 1969’s team is exploring the notion of ‘jeanswear meets sportswear’. Their idea has created a line for fall involving jeans to stretch leggings and tailored dress shirts whilst keeping with the emphasis for producing a sexy yet relaxed vibe cohesive with the denim lifestyle.

Check this video out to get to know the people behind the scenes and for more info click here.