Breathing Is The Hardest Thing To Do: RIP Scott Weiland


It’s an hour after Dave Navarro tweeted the death of Scott Weiland, vocalist of ’90s alternative rock band Stone Temple Pilots, and already we’re feeling gutted. Not just because this questions the mortality of Rockstars (it’s a term that’s almost dead now anyway in the internet age), but because we practically missed out on his career post-90s, ‘cept for the time STP came to Singapore in 2011 (back-to-back with Slash for Big Night Out) and we covered the show. Even though it was an awful show with the band looking tired and unrehearsed, there was still sparkle in their old repertoire. We got to admit, we were singing along.

Scott Weiland’s solo and new stuff, Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts, everything post-STP and post-Velvet Revolver, is pretty much solid as well. Just have a listen for yourself. By the time you reach, the weird alt-Kool and The Gang vibe of ‘Beach Pop’, you’ll pretty much make up your mind whether you missed out on the better part of his career. We think we did.

Similarly, we think Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks are way more interesting a band than Pavement was. But then again, maybe that’s just us trying to recapture or prolong a certain vibe. Do us a favour, don’t share news about Weiland’s death or any rumours about how he died. To us, he died on tour, which is better than what most of us get, to go out doing what you love. Instead, try checking out Weiland’s later material that you might have missed out on. Hey, you might find another Purple

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