Break the Rules with L’Oréal Men Expert x Kenji Chai at JUICE 11th Anniversary Party


Apart from all the hip-swaying, fist-pumping action you’ll come to expect at the JUICE 11th Anniversary Party, Kenji Chai together with L’Oréal Men Expert will be challenging you to step up, be bold and “Break the Rules”.

Kenji will be graffiti-spraying a large canvas live on location but it’s covered with stickered signs.  Make space for Kenji by ripping off the sign. As more people join the movement, more space will be opened up for him, until the final artwork is complete. “Rule breakers” will be rewarded for your actions and some lucky peeps will even get to be featured in JUICE Magazine.

So step out of your comfort zone (in this case from the masses in queue) and show us some mettle! This event is inspired by the new L’Oréal Men Expert White Activ Volcano Red Foam which is powered by active ingredients such as Salicylic Acid (known for its anti-bacterial and anti-impurities properties), Volcanic Mineral Extract (known for its absorbent properties), Kaolin Clay for skin brightening and pore tightening as well as peppermint extract to leave a cool mist on your skin.

Join the movement and see you at the party!

*L’Oréal Men Expert do not encourage or condone any form of vandalism. All visuals illustrated have been executed responsibly.