Bounce, Baby Bounce!

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Happening this weekend on 1 August is Lompat Hip Hop, a hip hop community concert organized by The MoveMint to raise funds for KL Krash Pad; home to kids unable to have their basic needs met (physically, mentally and emotionally) whose lives are in jeopardy and are prone to becoming crime victims (which includes getting their future screwed by committing crimes). The 2-hour concert starts from 5pm featuring benevolent hip hop acts keeping the crowd pumped up with wicked performances throughout this charitable event. Booyah!

The KL hip hop community figured that it’s about time they gave back so they’re doing it in style. KL Krash Pad is a drop-in center under Nur Salam for at-risk youths aged below 18 years providing them shelter, food, educational and recreational activities in a healthy and loving environment. Lompat Hip Hop aims to get more of these youths to register at KL Krash Pad, help keep them off the streets and out of trouble with drugs and gangs. In the mean time, it’s an effort by street kids for street kids via music and arts in support of the statement that “every child matters”.

The line-up for this noble event features Vandal, Nadhira, Kraft, SSK, 5Forty2, Lady Dee, Figure Of Speech, Zulu Nation Malaysia, Mixology DJs and many more. These cats have been in the scene for a while and have pledged to contribute to this event hoping for nothing but a better future for the next generation in return. Lompat Hip Hop is the beginning of a series for more upcoming workshops happening weekly at KL Krash Pad each Sunday from 5-7pm. Any sponsors willing to contribute to the event in-kind are very much welcome to contact The MoveMint and KL Krash Pad!

Calling out to more acts from the hip hop community, come participate in the workshops and play a part to share your knowledge and inspire these youths. Out!

Lompat Hip Hop is bouncing to KL Krash Pad at Chow Kit this 1 August from 5pm to 7pm. For more info of the event, click here. If you’re interested in contributing to the organization or community, click here for KL Krash Pad and here to go to The MoveMint’s Facebook page.

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