Bandung bedroom musicians Anggung Kuy Kay and Ryan Nobie Adzani have been making chiptune electronica and downtempo pop using custom toy equipment and keyboards since 2005. Their semi lo-fi, ethereal electronic sound is influenced by artists such as Mum, Manitoba, Tunng, The Album Leaf, Isan and a wealth of net artists on sites like

Through their MySpace, a method named SASE (Self Address Send Envelopes) was used by the duo to spread their material for free. The public would send blank CDs to the band and those CDs would be resent virtually with songs complete and with sleeve covers. And like any other hardworking Indon act, they’ve been releasing material that goes down like sup buntut-hot and fast. The duo’s 3rd album Slow Mo Smile was released on US net label Probablyworse Records last year. Touring extensively-most recently visiting our shores for Colourama 2010-Bottlesmoker sound like they’re ready to leave the bedroom and head for the main stage.

Get yer Mario mushroom on and listen to ‘Love Saturday’ (Probablyworse) at