borat drops a musical bomb

I am so tickled I had to share this. I loved Ali G, but now I absolutely adore Borat. Borat Sagdiyev (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) has released the accompanying soundtrack to his “eagerly awaited” 20th Century Fox film Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan. The album includes tracks like ‘In My Country There Is Problem (Throw The Jew Down The Well)’, ‘You Be My Wife’ and ‘Grooming Pubis’. And that’s not the end of it … get ready for the title of the album:

The album was released on 3 November on Kuzçek Records in association with Downtown/Atlantic Records. I’ll be sure to be bugging them Warner peeps really soon, hehe….

Visit Borat’s Myspace page, you will be entertained. I assure you: