Bombshelter Studios: They Came From Outer Space

Matthew Ng and Eugene Loh claim they met in the Antarctic by accident in 2005, when one was searching for extraterrestrials from planet Gnokgnokhoosdaer and the other in a quest for tap-dancing penguins. There, they discovered that their destinies lay in the world of design, thanks to being able to draw pretty well in the snow. With that, they hitched a ride on the back of an elephant seal and rode back to Malaysia to start Bombshelter Studios.

Now, don’t resign yourself to thinking, “Okay, JUICE is officially crazy, they’re writing about people from the loony bin”. Matthew Ng and Eugene Loh are two perfectly sane people who do not come from the loony bin (we think) but are the brains and brawns behind Bombshelter Studios. Bombshelter Studios has been handpicked by LIVESCAPE to design the graphics for the upcoming Future Music Festival Asia, which is set to be the biggest show in SEA this year. Man, talk about opportunity of a lifetime!

It’s very obvious from the beginning how talented the team at Bombshelter Studios is. Explosive colours, quirky characters, and the ability to be extremely versatile are part of the teams’ repertoire. Made up of 6 people, 1 robot and a cat, Bombshelter Studios have designed graphics for clients such as Heineken, Hermes, The KL Dragons (Malaysia’s first and only basketball team represent in the ASEAN Basketball League), Salem cigarettes and yours truly, JUICE! The team provides clients with a fresh, fun take on things, and is particularly good at turning heads with their eye-catching visuals. How do they do it? Well, apparently, the team plays videogames while they brainstorm, until someone shouts “Eureka!” That, or the last one to do 100 push-ups has to come up with all the ideas. They sure do run a tight ship!

Bombshelter Studios consists of idea generators, designers and writers who all love having a good time, but also strive to raise awareness and garner appreciation towards the creative industry. It’s obvious in their work that a lot of thought is put into the concept and the execution of the big idea. No detail is spared and the end product is thought-provoking and gets the message across. Creative juices in the studio flow freely thanks to the chilled out vibe there. Eugene tells JUICE, “We like it fun and saucy. Everyday is full of laughter, screams, blood and tears.” Sounds like a mashup episode of How I Met Your Mother and The Walking Dead.

So what can we expect for FMFA? Trippy visuals à la Neon Trees? Enough flashing images to trigger an epileptic seizure? Maybe something totally out of this world? Bombshelter Studios is keeping tight-lipped about what they’re working on, but we can rest assured that it’s going to be a feast for the eyes. Personally, we can’t wait to see if they can prove the existence of extraterrestrials or tap-dancing penguins. Remember guys, we need photographic evidence. J

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