Bombshell – CLOSED

Where did all these outrageous club kids come from, eh? One minute you’re rubbing shoulders with kids in the rather droll jeans with sneaks/heels combo, the next, it’s ‘Get out the way grandpa!’ in their loud tees, neon trews and sparkly leggings. Oh! And the hair! Well, Bombshell is where those kids are created.

Meet Ming, proprietor of the groovy salon with the naff wallpaper, 60s furniture and friendly neighbourhood approach. “I am my own walking advertisement”, he proclaims, as are his clientele, who you’re are likely to recognise in the club as you are to spot chillaxing in the salon. So why Bombshell, we asked? “Because I always wanted to be one … and now, I am going to turn everyone into bombshells!” With that kind of upfront attitude, Bombshell’s salon is not for people who prefer to quietly melt into the background. “I want people to love themselves, not me!” says Ming, clear on where the spotlight truly belongs.

With cuts starting at a reasonable RM35 and RM55 for a wash and a cut, as well as makeup services, you’ll even have enough left over for this weekend’s ensemble; Bombshell shares the same retail space as Showpink, which is managed by Ethan Chu, the attention grabbing scenester responsible for dressing clubland’s most fashion forward. “You can come here to do your makeup and hair … then you can just walk over to get something to wear later!” says Ming of the one stop beauty shop.

9-2 Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru, KL.
T: 012 658 1790 (Ming)


Benette Lee