Bolly For Bond

In conjunction with the release of Quantum of Solace, Champagne Bollinger has commissioned French designer Eric Berthès to create a collector’s item which marks the association between the organisation and the secret agent. The concept emulates the bullet of a gun (in the spirit of the Walter PPK), and lying on a carbon covered base.

Called the Bollinger / 007 Bullet, it has an impressive size of 65cm and contains a magnum of Bollinger 1999 dressed in black and silver. Once the magnum is released from its cradle, the inside of the bullet converts into a set of compartments in which a modern gentleman can store his personal accessories. The bullet closes with a leather garnished key.

Only 200+007 copies of this collector’s item, each individually numbered, are available worldwide and only one was made available will in Malaysia to be sold at a recommended retail price of RM25,000.