BMW Shorties 2009 Finalists Exposed

Isn’t life just one big, epic movie? While most of us would like to think so, 9 aspiring filmmakers have actually captured ‘life’ on film. BMW Malaysia recently announced the 9 finalists for this year’s BMW Shorties. Running for the 3rd year, the short film competition received a record 80 entries, the highest since its beginning in 2007. JUICE was there at the special screening at Laundry last Tuesday and man were we blown away!

This year’s theme, ‘Life’, may sound vague, but after watching those 9 short films we’re convinced we’ve got some Tarantinos and Scorseses in our midst. The films range from animation to comedy to documentary-styled action to tearjerkers, and with a production grant of up to RM75,000 at stake, any director would want a cut.

The BMW Shorties 2009 finalists in no particular order are:

1. Prakash Murugiah, Flashes
2. Shanjhey Perumal, Ma Chai
3. Mohamed Fazry and Asmar Hassan, Lubang
4. Chua Soon Min, 1:19
5. Mandy Yap Li Kuan, 7
6. Brandon Loh Ming Kwang, Conversation With A Mad Man
7. Wong Wei Jian, Le Mannequin
8. John Cho, Resonance
9. Chow Jann Rong, Codename Hashshashin

Watch and vote for your favourite short films at the BMW Shorties website at The finalist with the most number of votes will receive the People’s Choice Award and a brand new Nokia N86 handphone. Voters also stand the chance to win a Nokia N86 handphone, as well as 6 exclusive passes to attend the Gala Premiere on 13 August at the Ritz Carlton KL.