Blue Elephant

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Subject to Change
Speakeasy bars are opening all around town faster than Usain Bolt’s world record time. Some of these bars are merely signboard-less, which makes locating the bar just a tad difficult, and that makes us question the credibility and creativity of the owners and our fellow countrymen’s observational skills. However, this was not the case with Blue Elephant.

The treasure hunt began as we pulled up in Plaza Damansara; finding a parking spot is about as big of an accomplishment as when one spots the needle in a haystack. We were told to look for the staircase with the red carpet, and that’d lead us to the bar. Okay, not difficult. We walked up a flight of stairs and came to a room filled with movie stills and an enormous book shelf that had two big jars filled with red and blue pills – if you don’t know what that’s referencing, please put down the magazine. After spending five minutes looking around the room for an entrance or a human body that could guide us to the bar and finding none, someone swung on a chandelier and led us to the right place – it was all very Scooby-Doo. We’re not going to disclose where the door is because if we have to suffer, you do too. And please, this is the authentic speakeasy experience.

Upon entering, it was readily apparent that the bar is a combination of a movie theatre, karaoke lounge, and the North Pole. Movie posters are scattered throughout the venue and if that doesn’t emphasise this space to be for movie enthusiasts, there’s a gigantic Academy Award statue in the middle of the lounge area. There’s even a wall-sized portrait of Golden Age Sex Goddess Marilyn Monroe. The team went as far as to build a faux subway passing beneath the portrait so patrons could attempt to reenact the iconic scene in The Seven Year Itch. And lest inebriation temporarily makes you lose awareness of its theme, the only food served is from a popcorn popper. Don’t get too comfortable with the décor just yet though, Blue Elephant is still subject to change as the owner still sees it as a work-in-progress.

Although the bar could only accommodate a maximum of 100 guests and despite being a speakeasy, that doesn’t stop them from inviting DJs over to spin for a club night steeped in sexy house choons. Yes, Blue Elephant holds parties – usually on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays – and even though they’ve got official closing hours, they tend to the bar until the very last customer leaves. Really, the manager isn’t a fan of kicking people out of the venue, so stay there until 4am ‘cause that’s when McDonald’s breakfast starts and that’s the only thing worth being awake for at that hour.

Like with any other speakeasies – or bars in general – the true test of quality lies in their bartenders. Given the opportunity to try their best cocktails (read their descriptions in the menu, they’re hilarious), our choices were definitely the Grilled Pine-Dag and the Blue Elephant – both of which were on the sweeter side of the spectrum, as per case with most of their signature concoctions. Amazingly, the bartenders there regularly improvise and make drinks based on their customers’ preference. JUICE jokingly suggested that sirap bandung would make for a good cocktail base, true enough they made us one.

Just order ‘Cake in a Cup’ and thank us later.

17 M & 15M
T: O3 2011 7715
OPEN: 5PM – 1AM (SUN – TUES) / 5PM – 2AM (WED – THUR) / 5PM -3AM (FRI – SAT)