Bloodied Lennon Clothes On Display

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To some, a display of bloodstained clothes are regarded as in ill taste but to others it’s a chance to feel closer to the person who wore those clothes especially when he is music legend, John Lennon.

The widow of the late John Lennon has decided to put a paper bag filled with the clothes worn by Lennon when he was murdered by crazed fan Mark Chapman on 8 December 1980 (err didn’t we see on CSI that blood also attracts flies and maggots). Creepy!

The exhibition, called ‘John Lennon: The New York Years’ will also feature other paraphernalia of the former Beatles member such as handwritten lyrics, guitars, a piano, a pair of glasses and Lennon’s famous ‘New York City’ t-shirt.

Yoko Ono who felt reluctant at first to include the bloodstained clothing fearing she might be criticized for her actions, created the exhibition to commemorate her late partner’s life in the Big Apple. She said “I know it’s kind of sad and very poignant kind of paradox, I think, that he loved this place (New York) so much and this is where he was killed”.

The display will run till the end of the year at the Rock And Roll Hall OF Fame Annex in New York.

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