Bliss In A Box


Truly the greatest gift the menstrual gods have given both men and women – ladies, there’s a care package specifically for that painful time of the month. The box includes healthy snack packs (because the craving struggle is real), hygiene wipes, pads or tampons, and our personal favourite, heating pads. Heating pads help reduce the intensity of cramps endured during the first few days of the cycle and if eating painkillers isn’t an option, this is probably the next best thing. There are four types of flows to choose from; light, regular, heavy, and organic. It takes between seven to nine days for it to be delivered to KL, so if you’re considering giving it a test run, best order in advance just to be safe. How do men benefit from this? Purchase one for your woman and she might not hate you as much during this painful and difficult time.

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