Blink’s Grandmama’s

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We over here at JUICE are nosy peeps in a good way. When we heard about Blink’s new eatery, we immediately bugged him to find out more. This superstar DJ who gave us Lapsap with Xu has entrepreneurial talent running through his veins. With Blinkville under his belt and currently on tour in Europe, we expect nothing less from 5FT. Before Blink took off on his tour with Xu as Lapsap, we threw a bag over his head and grabbed him to talk about the new makan joint.

What’s it gonna be called and why?
It is called Grandmama’s simply because my grandma has the best cooking in the world in my opinion and I aspire to be like her.  It’s tough working at the age of 70 but her passion keeps her going and I also wanted people to feel at home when they come to dine or have a drink…. Just like how you would say “Hey let’s go to grandma’s for lunch/dinner.” (Smile)

Smart. Is it a cafe or restaurant?
The Grandmama’s experience will be one that is ‘homely’. Nostalgically, every meal here will be remind you of that faraway restaurant that you were brought to as a kid, just like Ratatouille! The concept is a contemporary replication of a traditional home that I just wanna make like a yum cha spot rather than somewhere you would eat and ciao!

Where is it going to be?
It’s gonna be on the 6th floor of The Pavilion.

Who are your target audience?
From kids to grandparents and keeping in mind those who dine alone. At Grandmama’s, we foresee a lot of people during peak lunch and dinner hours having a quick bowl of our fresh water prawn noodles. Oops, did I just leaked out our favourite? (Laughs)

Yummeh! Why the decision of going F&B?
I place food within the same level of importance as my music, and now I will pursue both! What’s more with my family being in the restaurant business for so long, it’s just a natural progression. I mean, if you follow my Twitter, you’d know I’m a huge foodie! Another plug right here.

If you could associate this outlet with a song, what would it be?
Martha Reeves ‘Heatwave.’

Wow wee wow wee wow! We can’t wait! Watch this space as we update you on the opening. Meanwhile go check him out at for more Blink goodies.

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