Blackberry pres. Diplo @ Mist

A year ago, when we asked our June 2010 ‘Asian Pride’ cover boy if we would be seeing Major Lazer/Diplo again, Diplo replied  “Yup if we don’t get jailed for daggerin’, then probably we will be back!” Like the true good lookin’ Philly gentleman that he is, looking all dapper, Diplo kept his promise and a year later here he was again making a pit stop at Mist for his SEA Tour. The queue to enter was a really lengthy one and well, a fine looking man that’s well known for his awesome track selection and skills in the, er, club will have music lovers and fan girls alike flocking to Mist to see him. We entered just in time to see Mr. Nasty do the nasty on the decks – we mean, deliver a set that had the crowd hyped up for the main man himself. Of course, if anyone looked as good as Diplo, half the battle has probably already been won.

Images Mist + Fotoworx + Adli Syahril

By the time Diplo came on at midnight, Mist was already packed out and huddled to the front of the stage where there was no stopping the crowd. As soon as he dropped his opening track, everyone just went crazy. Diplo opened with some dubstep like Borgore’s ‘Nympho’ and also dropped his first self-produced track of the night, Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’. In the background the visuals provided by Zul of the Hummingbird Collective featuring iconic 90s cartoons like Jem and The Holograms and Transformers The Movie only made the night more entertaining. Diplo played everything possible from hip hop, dubstep to techno and even some house! If this was any other DJ, a set of different genres like this would only end up a disaster, but being the pro that he is, Diplo went from one track to another without a single beat out of place. Oh, this man owns our (Ed’s Note: this Writer’s) heart!

Diplo dropped a few other self-produced tracks like Major Lazer’s ‘Pon The Floor’, MIA’s ‘Paper Planes’ and his latest one with Beyonce that’s been on heavy rotation on radio throughout the world, ‘Run The World’. Together with his skill on the decks and his oh-so-good looks, as the set progressed, girls both local and foreign crowded the stage in front of him to show Diplo their best moves. Trying to catch his eye, maybe?

But alas, an hour and a half went by in a blink of an eye to the crowds dismay and Diplo ended his set by flinging his sweaty towel into the crowd. Mutant Mayhem picked up where Diplo left off and they did a pretty fine job at that too! The crowd at Mist just wouldn’t stop dancing. Kudos to all of ya for showing us that there are still KLites out there that ain’t too cool for the dancefloor! After a quick meeting with Diplo (in hopes that he remembered who I was), Diplo left the building before the barricade of girls got too big for him to leave the club. We sure hope Diplo will make a visit to KL soon again, we sure can’t seem to get enough of this man!

Blackberry pres. Diplo was held at Mist Club on 11 June 2011. Check out snapshots of the night at our gallery.