Black Sun Empire: Lights and Wires (BSE)

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The Dutch are not all about trance as Rene Verdult, and brothers Milan and Micha Heyboer have proven. Going beyond the wonking basslines of Brit dubstep, the trio of producers favours a harder form of dance exaggerated by extreme breaks, kicks and ambient griminess.

Enter darkstep and neurofunk, subgenres that don’t mean much to the average listener but are heaven-sent for the jaded clubber. Think Massive Attack on speed and you’re somewhere near. Featuring 16 unmixed tracks on CD1 (a 50-50 split of dnb and dubstep-laden electronica) and a mix-full of dnb tracks on CD2, BSE has roped in fellow beat renegades SPL, Nymfo and Jade, making this one helluva epic, ultra-BPM album.

Listen to: ‘The 405’
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Rating: 3

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