Black on Black

The Scots are famous for their whisky blends while Malaysians are known for drinking copious amounts. Our country is currently placed at #10 for most alcohol consumption worldwide, bonus points for alcohol tolerance (which means keeping it in!) Clearly it’s been picked up on their radar because we now have the limited edition Johnnie Walker Double Black available in KL.  Johnnie Walker, largely celebrated among drinkers, is practically a household name. That’s why when we were told that there’ll be a limited edition Johnnie Walker Double Black release in KL, we knew it’d be a special treat. There will be a launch for the premium scotch in our very own backyard on 8 December.  Just perfect timing as the year-end celebrations for Christmas and New Year are just around the corner (anyway, we’d use any excuse to enjoy a good drink!). Passing breathalyzer tests can get a little tricky henceforth. Folks, pop a mint before hitting the road. Enjoy responsibly!

Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Double Black will be available at selected Jusco and other retail outlets til stocks last.