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When it rains it pours and getting us all wet for streetwear is Bittersweet. Carrying a cornucopia of cred totting international brands like Vans, Obey, Supreme, UGP, Cheap Monday, lads can expect to stock up on their gear in one fell swoop. On our shopping list are the Vans shoes, with the Japanese Koi and old school rose tattoo designs already destined for our rockstar wardrobes.

Besides that, semi-formal jackets, paired up with a vintage tee and the still hot colourful skinny jeans are ready to be whipped off racks. It’s not all for the lads, and ladettes aren’t left out. We dig the paint-splashed mini dress, which you can pair up with neon legging and sneakers and go all Mia on your own ass with or ankle boots for a bit of that Kate Moss look (it helps if you have a wasted rock star on your arm as an accessory). The t-shirts are worth a rummage through and lest you forget, it ain;t no thing without the proper accoutrements like oversized-sunnies, bags, bracelets and chains.

Lot S-222, 2nd Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, KL.
T: 03 2287 4928

Text+Image Ellyn Patricia

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