LISTEN: Even Bil Musa is Sick of Your Excuses

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Malaysian singer-songwriter Bil Musa has recently dropped a track called ‘No More Excuses’. The sweet singer usually goes for mellower, easy singles, but this time she’s showing off her feisty side.

With lyrics like “Playing games at the CC, like you did when you were fifteen,” she calls out men who are immature and tend to give excuses. It’s very refreshing to see Bil singing this kind of content with angsty yet poppy music in the background — she turns out to be quite a Shade Queen. As usual, her raspy and smooth vocals balance out the track perfectly. Just listen to the song ‘No More Excuses’ below:

Having had released a track called ‘Adakah Ini’ just last month, it seems like she’s prepping us for more music – maybe an upcoming album? Guess we just have to wait, hopefully she’ll give us no excuses.

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