THE BIG LOL SHOW Is Returning With A Killer Lineup Guaranteed To Make You Snigger, Giggle And Roar (Again)

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Following a two-year, pandemic-induced hiatus, LOL Asia’s THE BIG LOL SHOW is anticipated to launch comedy back to Malaysia in a big way. Get your ab workouts ready, because this lineup is gonna hit you right in the core.

The annual comedy bonanza, dubbed “THE COMEBACK,” will take place on the 16, 17, and 18 of June 2022 at the brand new top notch concert hall in Bukit Bintang, Zepp Kuala Lumpur (or Zepp KL).

Joanne Kam, Kumar, Jo Kukathas, Kuah Jenhan, Vince Chong, Prakash Daniel, and Yazmin Aziz are among those set to perform at the annual comedy jamboree. Each act will introduce their own core competency to the table, equipped with novel materials, pledging a hooting good time to their audience.

THE BIG LOL SHOW was last performed in 2019 in front of a sold-out audience, and it garnered an overwhelmingly positive response and raving reviews from comedy enthusiasts. Even the cheesiest puns left viewers feeling grate.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for three years,” asserts Kumar, a popular Singaporean stand-up comedian known well across Asia.

“We had a fantastic time at the last show in Malaysia in 2019; I’m really looking forward to working with the lineup.”

“I must thank LOL Asia for inviting me back, and the show is going to be incredible.” It’s also an honour for me to be among Malaysia’s top comedic performers, many of whom I commend,” he added. Kumar is also optimistic that everyone – both the acts and the wonderful fans will thoroughly enjoy themselves at this highly-anticipated event

“This line-up is a dream come true,” stated Rizal Kamal, Chief Executive Officer of LOL Asia and Producer of THE BIG LOL SHOW.

“I can’t wait for our audience to witness the first ever comedy show to be hosted at the new Zepp KL.”

“The occasion is deemed THE COMEBACK for several reasons, the most significant of which is that it will be the largest stage on which these acts will perform together as the country enters the endemic phase,” he added.

“We are very grateful to have all of them at LOL Asia to enthral the Malaysian audience who have been starved of a large-scale comedy show due to the pandemic.”

“Kumar, Joanne Kam, and Prakash are all set to tickle everyone with their honest-to-goodness brand of stand-up comedy,” Rizal continues.

For those who are familiar with Jo Kukathas, she will join forces with Kuah Jenhan in a skit to reintroduce the character YBeeee. Viewers will also be able to watch the talents of Vince Chong and Yazmin Aziz, who will perform a musical comedy number made even more remarkable by their flair for social media production.

Finally, Rizal expressed his excitement for the live theatre debut of Yazmin Aziz, a Big Stage 2022 finalist, as well as Kumar’s return to our waters.

“LOL Asia hopes that Malaysian comedy fans will support this show because it is genuinely a love letter to everyone,” he said.

LOL Asia is also the mastermind behind SEARCH’s KONSERT ENDEMIK and has wilfully arranged large shows in partnership with ZeppKL to support the Malaysian creative economy’s reopening, enabling you to LOL your way into a post-pandemic world.

Tickets for THE BIG LOL SHOW will be available from 13 May 2022.

While comedy itself is priceless, ticket costs start at RM200.

For more ticketing details, visit Go on. You know you want to.