BFF Pink Bazaar and Charity Auction @ Zouk

The BFF Pink Bazaar was the perfect combination of fun and frivolity all while raising awareness and support for a good cause. The day was packed with shopping, an auction, and informative activities. Read on for everything that went on at the Pink Bazaar and Charity Auction as well as how you can help prevent cervical cancer.

The day started off in the entrance of Zouk, where you could get your photo taken, for the goal of collecting 24 000 photos to break a record for the MBR, all in the name of raising awareness for cervical cancer. You could then head to a laptop to test your knowledge and risks of cervical cancer with the easy to use interface on the POCC site.

Over in the main room, a great selection of wares from entrepreneurs, student groups and blog shops, filled the room. The main activity of the day was the auction. Gathering into Velvet, with light refreshments and casual conversation, many took part in the fun and light-hearted bidding for the many impressive items up for grabs at this event! All the items were pink themed and kindly donated by celebs and high society ladies!

The auction kicked off with a short, enjoyable presentation from a local doctor, reminding us that even though this was a fun event, the seriousness of cervical cancer, especially here, in Malaysia. The truth is, cervical cancer is the 3rd most prevalent type of cancer for women in Malaysia, but the shocking part is that it’s almost completely preventable!!! Through regular screenings, the early infections that cause cervical cancer can be caught and treated before it ever becomes cancer. After this short speech, it makes you wonder that if everyone was armed with this knowledge, would cervical cancer even exist?

At the risk of sounding like a PSA here, get yourself educated, get screened and stay safe! For more info, head to the POCC website, and stay tuned for the big finale event from POCC in March!

The POCC BFF Pink Bazaar and Charity Auction was held at Zouk on 13 November. The final event will be held at Zouk on 12 March 2011. For more info, check out the website.