VIDEO: Beyoncé’s Performance at the Grammy’s Solidified Her Role as a Mortal Goddess

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We’ve reached a point of Beyoncé’s career where we have zero expectations of what magnificence she’s going to present to the world because we are assured that it will be life-changing. Let’s use her Grammy performance as an example; it was a 9-minute performance of two songs from Lemonade — ‘Love Drought’ and ‘Sandcastles’ — on a stage set that looked like a contemporary version of Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’ mural painting. Appropriate setup for an ethereal goddess like Beyoncé.


On top of that, she performed it whilst pregnant with twins! Some of us can’t even bring ourselves to walk up a flight of stairs at the LRT station when the escalators are overcrowded, but here’s Beyoncé; and that’s why she’s the greatest living performer of our time.

In case you missed the nigh religious Beysus experience, watch the full video of her performance below:

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