Best Coast: Download ‘The Only Place’

One of the things we can’t forget the catchiness of Best Coast’s most popular single, ‘Boyfriend’, off their album Crazy For You. The other thing is how cool the 4-minute video for ‘Our Deal’ was, starring the gorgeous Chloe Moretz and directed by Drew Barrymore. The indie-surf-rock band will be releasing their second album, The Only Place on 14 May in the UK, and the following day in the US.

The band is well-known for their fuzzy, lo-fi sound that seems to carry you off to the nearest beach and makes you want to stay there forever.. The Only Place is an album that talk about “self-doubt” and “uncertainty”, says frontwoman Beth Consentino, but the title track of the album is an upbeat ode to Best Coast’s hometown, California. It highlights all their favorite things about California, and we can feel the love radiating through the lyrics of this danceable tribute!

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