Beer Yoga Comes to Malaysia

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You saw it going viral online, probably thought it was a joke, hell, maybe still think it’s a joke. Well, we can confirm that the Berlin-born pairing of beer and yoga is indeed a thing – and it’s spreading internationally fast enough to finally arrive in our shores.

Black and White Fitness Studio is hosting the first beer yoga session in Kuala Lumpur this Saturday (3 June) at The Eight Avenue in Publika. Yoga instructors Michael Ken (aka Acroloonies) and Canny Low will head the class, and as one would expect from such a novelty, slots are limited. So if you’re a yogi with a taste for beer – or just someone who wants to drink beer in a more novel state – better hurry up and register here. Fee is RM85 and inclusive of 2 beers.

Watch the video below to familiarise yourself with the craze:

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