Bedroom Sanctuary: I Can’t Draw, So I Sing (Niche Moosic)

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Returning as Bedroom Sanctuary, music producer/singer-songwriter Bo Amir Iqram may very well be the Malaysian version of Jason Mraz, but with songs that aren’t as pretentious or annoying.

His self-written, composed and produced sophomore album highlights the versatility that puts Bo amongst the top music producers in the local scene. ‘My (Malaysia)’ is one of the many standouts, capturing the essence of life in KL, complete with Manglish lyrics and slangs. I Can’t Draw, So I Sing is a truly enjoyable blend of pop, rock, folk and soul – a record that Jason Mraz can’t make.

LISTEN TO: ‘Ten Again’, ‘For Mums & Dads’, ‘My (Malaysia)’
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Bedroom Sanctuary – For Mums & Dads by Bo Amir Iqram Official

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