Because It’s My Job

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According to Wikipedia and all that 24 Hour Party People crap that druggies like to talk about when you’re puking in someone’s shoe; Bez was a dancer, percussionist, television personality and crazy geezer. But he is chiefly remembered (and loved by most of my friends at least) as the bloke that got everyone off in the Happy Mondays.

As muse and member of the quintessential Madchester band, Bez was reputed to have a high tolerance for hallucinogenic drugs. When asked by a music journalist why he took so many drugs he simply replied, “because it’s my job”. (Source: Wikipedia)

And with his bizarre style of dancing and funky maracas – the Mondays’ 2nd single was called ‘Freaky Dancin’ in tribute to his jiggle and Bez himself has a world-record for maracas-shaking – he’ll be down in KL spinning a special DJ set for us!

The sh!t is going down at Havana (formerly known as Little Havana – they got bigger) this Saturday. No cover charge. Brought to you by a new club night called This Feeling, next month it’s Mani from Primal Scream and The Stone Roses on the decks!

Checkout Bez’s new band Domino Bones and The Happy Mondays for an idea of what this shaker brings to the table.

This Feeling pres. Bez is happening this Saturday 30 January 2010 at Havana. Supporting acts include TAG and Common People (Aus). No cover charge. Partying begins at 9pm.


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