Beatmilitia Pre-Anniversary Party

source: Terrence C

A few weeks ago, we announced Beatmilitia’s F1 party with Jovian Blade, and that they were preparing for an anniversary party in May. But first, with any proper anniversary party there’s bound to be a pre-party to build up hype around the celebration. For the pre-party, Terrence C, who’s practically Zouk royalty by now and a formidable DJ in his own right (as he has supported the likes of Fatboy Slim and Paul van Dyke), is set to headline. With Terrence C at the helm of the party and A-MarQ and Adib alongside him, it will surely be a night worthy of the Beatmilitia name.

Date Saturday 18 April ’15
Time 10pm
Venue Level Zero, Nagaba

For more information the event here.