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Are you a video blogger dying to be heard? Or are you one of the many aspiring singer/songwriters who post up their videos on the world wide web, hoping that they will be discovered by a record label? Maybe you just like to spend hours streaming videos? Whatever your reason, Youtube has proved to be the ultimate site to be seen and heard but often times it ain’t easy when you have millions of other people doing the same thing (Betcha’ thought you were special, didn’t ya?).

JUICE can’t make everyone famous so for those closer to home, you can now have your videos streamed too. Here’s Lepak TV!

Lepak.TV is a video streaming portal that is catered mostly to the Asian region like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It has reached 4.2 million page views since its inception in April 2008. The website states that is a platform for Malaysian webtizens to share locally produced videos with others and is geared towards encouraging the growth of new home grown talents.

“Tons of people come to Lepak.TV to watch great original programming, but that’s not the end of it. They even give people the chance to broadcast their videos to the world, they call this sharing entertainment”

Lepak.TV has features like other popular video streaming sites and they are free when you start an account. Lepak.TV is also launching a new phase soon on the 15 June with new layouts (below) and features. So check it out, you could be Asia’s next best thing.

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