Be D1 and Only with Sennheiser

source: Sennheiser

Whether you’re a seasoned performer, budding bedroom recording artiste, or ready to take your shower serenades to the stage, Sennheiser is here to put you to the test by putting them to the test. Launching its revolutionary D1 wireless microphone system, the audio specialist calls upon anyone who’s passionate to take their talents to the next level and discover what the D1 is capable of.

Trusted by industry professionals and underground artistes alike, Sennheiser’s continued trajectory of evolving audio landscapes has led to the development of the revolutionary wireless D1 range. Allowing performers to band together by breaking free from tangled cables, the D1 system’s transmitters and receivers seamlessly pair automatically, even in the presence of multiple D1 systems. There’s no need for audio mixers as you control and monitor the system through an iOS app on your iPad. With vocal and instrument systems packed with integrated audio effects that cater to artistes of all persuasions, authentic digital sound transmission and dependable wireless connectivity mean no more dropouts or signal clashes during critical moments (we know Nigel Tufnel would’ve avoided some embarrassing guitar solos if he’d been hooked up with a D1).

If you or your band think the D1 can handle your creative prowess, head over to to register for the chance to try and review the D1 system for free. Once you get your hands on the system, you’ll have four weeks to put the D1 to the test as one of 150 Official Product Testers, and can either write a review of at least 100 words or shoot a video (at least 30 seconds long) describing how you put it to the test and how it matches up to all that you could throw at it. Best of all, you get to keep the set at no cost after you hand in your review.

If that weren’t enough, Sennheiser will also be raffling additional product prizes every month until Sunday 31 January ’16 – including the e835  vocal stage microphone, the legendary HD 25 DJ headphones, and the MK 4 home studio recording microphone.

Do you have the chops to be D1 and only?

To get your hands on the Sennheiser D1, visit and register before Sunday 31 January ’16.